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The first part of the novel was serialised in the journal The Russian Herald in , and the first edition of the complete novel published in Some acquaintances report that she complained of copying it up to twenty-one times! Reprints of the passages of War and Peace were mass produced, and some sections were even posted on billboards in Moscow for public consumption.

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However, there is nothing to suggest that this was anything more than a slip of the pen. In Imperial Russia, French had become the preferred language of the aristocracy, who had adopted European customs and manners following reforms introduced by Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

Following the French Revolution, however, French language and culture began to be less fashionable in Russia. In War and Peace Tolstoy tends to show characters speaking French when he wants to indicate their loss of touch with authentic Russian values.

Tolstoy himself had always had a great fondness for little Tatyana.

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Her liveliness and spontaneity offered the inspiration for the character of Natasha Rostov. In , Tolstoy witnessed a guillotining in Paris. The event left a profound impression on him and convinced him of the moral wrongness of the death penalty. Thank you! I would surely recommend your services to all my friends.

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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

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Is it possible to live in a world without violence and war? For many people on earth, it seems totally impossible, and this is a global problem of every human race. For many years, people fight for their rights to live in peace. Their goal is just to have a peaceful life in their country.

Why is it so difficult to solve this problem and why does living in love and freedom seem totally unreachable? In the previous years, there were many wars on our planet. We watched news about political problems in many countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Today, we have unstable situations in Israel and Ukraine. Is it possible for people to prevent wars and find a power to solve conflicts peacefully? Unfortunately, we still didn't find the answer to this question.

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Each day brings to us new problems related to religion, personal views, natural resources, and other issues that cause conflicts and lead to wars and destruction eventually. Apart from this, new technology has brought us a lot of new possibilities online, including cyberwars when people fight with powerful viruses and other electronic weapons on the Internet. Many people think if we won't have any weapon, wars could be stopped.