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You'll have to study more than 10 minutes to really grasp a concept. Read your notes, write them down again, draw diagrams. You will need at least half an hour to study for an exam, if not more. Not Helpful 29 Helpful Try reading it more than once, or take it one sentence at a time.

Ask siblings, parents or neighbors, or go to the library to see if you can find anything there. Use flashcards to review the things you've studied in the future. The repetition will improve your memory, even if you only review key concepts for a few minutes each day. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings Don't cheat! You will get in trouble and suffer a bad grade. Do not cram. Study the first day you start the class, or even do some preliminary reading before the first day of class.

Don't keep on reviewing the same thing. Make sure you devote time to everything that could be covered on the exam. Get in the habit of reviewing your notes everyday after class, doing your reading ahead of time, and re-reading your textbook to clarify any confusion. Ask your teacher for clarification if you are confused. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To study for a science exam, start by finding a quiet study area without distractions.

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CW Chloe Wang Feb I normally get Ds, but doing this the day before my test and a little in the morning was the best thing I could do! Thank you to whoever came up with this system and wrote it down. I will sure to be using this in the future! IR Issa Rosh Mar 1, The reason I searched this is because my main exam is coming, and I really want to get good grades, otherwise I am grounded for a whole month.

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So thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. A Anonymous Mar 6, Reading this article helped me, thank you. SM Sarah Moses Mar 4, WikiHow is a great way, I'll recommend to everyone. YB Yousra Boukhalfa Nov 25, I plan to stick to it and see how it turns out! A Anonymous Apr 11, HA Harshavany Amudha Feb It's worth reading. Mar 4, AW Amy Wong Oct 22, NG Nitin Gaurav Mar 8, BS Bidit Sharma Jul 22, I got 95 or above in all subjects! A Anonymous May 31, Thanks a lot, wikiHow. SH Sydney Hasereteses Mar 7, GC Greeshma Chowdhary Sep 11, I got full marks, maybe because of this article!

NP Natasha Pretty Dec 19, A Anonymous Sep 16, HS Hardev Singh Jun 16, LA Lucy Acharya Jul 24, EB Emel Balaban Sep 11, A Anonymous Jan 10, A Anonymous Dec 26, A Anonymous Oct 11, A Anonymous Dec 9, T Tshego Oct 29, HB Harsh Bisht Mar 3, NG Neha Gupta Jul 27, A Anonymous Mar 7, Work of scientist is based on theoretical science. It means, in theoretical science, there is only a sign, just a hint on which discoveries could be made, facts could be found.

While studying science I am always working for determining truth, based on my perceptions, judgment, observation, experience, and knowledge collected through several means. It is pertinent to mention that science, in fact, has practical limits, however it is beneficial in almost every areas of human beings. Through science, I have the opportunity to test and verify ideas.

I feel myself as an upcoming scientist because of my probing aptitude always ready to help people by producing useful things which great scientists have been able to accomplish like producing products such as cars, computers, airplanes, satellites etc. In fact, science involves more than just gathering knowledge. I as a scientist can make systematic and well-organized inquiry to search for the realities and develop deeper understanding of the world. As an upcoming scientist I am of the view that reality exists and it is science through which I can learn about it.

By applying scientific methods, I am sure that nature has not misguided me to know anything which is vital or critical for human beings. Science is building something that is useful, practical and realistic. As explained above, science is all about collecting information to gain knowledge.

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Information collected is used to replace old ideas with new ones. Through new ideas, I can discover new things. As a scientist I shall be able to know the unknown, discover what has not yet been discovered and explain what previously has not been explained. By studying world around us it is easy to establish there is a lawmaker above us- the God- who has established the laws of nature.

This idea is relevant to thinking of historians as well as philosophers, and also the past thinkers and forms the basis of modern science and discoveries being made today. It is pertinent to mention that heavy resources are assigned to developing of new knowledge and scientists devote their entire life to explore the realities of nature for finding and discovering things that are useful for the human beings. The high a society is concerned about the well-being of its people; the more it will be making efforts in scientific areas to find new ways of making people's lives better.

As I am interested in exploring realities, finding truths, and discovering the hidden phenomena, I am inclined towards research activities, whether in lab or in the field, making contributions towards discovering knowledge. This thinking forms the basis of my thoughts to be an upcoming scientist.

I believe that the basis of discoveries is trying continuously discovering, developing, and deducing new themes, concepts, theories, and ideas. Knowledge is not static rather dynamic as such change towards developing better understanding of the world is the fundamental idea in science. The theme of change is vital in developing new ideas and discovering innovative realities.

However, understanding new concepts, and uncovering new realities requires constant questioning about current ideas, challenging their authenticity. Becoming a scientist in future I want to develop a systematic approach for creating awareness about the phenomenon that observation, tests, and falsifiable experiments are necessary to understand how nature works. For example, scientists, through observations and experiments, are able to know about DNA codes and involve in stem cell research for the purpose of cure and support medical treatment of incurable diseases.

As science challenges current and existing ideas discovered in the past which is not directly testable or observable, therefore, interpreting and challenging past ideas pose huge challenge to reject previous ideas and discover new things. Try to see a pattern e. Practice by answering old exams, test, labs, and homework questions. See also: Special techniques for math and science exams. Look at topics given for the course. Look at old exam questions. Look over your lecture notes and predict possible topics. The thesis statement is your purpose, aim or argument in the paper.

Identify the instruction word first e. This will help focus your thesis statement. For example,.


However, buying cheap clothing does not mitigate the dire consequences [Argument-Against] of globalization to our local textile industry. Identify main points which defend the thesis statement. Using the example above, three negative effects might be: 1 Canadian job losses, 2 local manufacturers must keep costs down, and 3 export market suffers. Write these main points into topic sentences. A topic sentence has two parts: topic and purpose.

Usually a topic sentence appears at the beginning of a paragraph.

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Go over your lecture notes, readings, research on the topic as if you were doing research for a term paper. Under each topic sentence list your evidence. Listing allows you to memorize your evidence in chunks. Use memory devices to assist in retaining this information.

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Types of evidence include statistics, examples, case studies, anecdotal information use sparingly , observational notes, expert quotes, illustrations, graphs. Spend most of your time on the BODY. Therefore, do NOT write the conclusion first as some would argue. Leave minutes to proofread your writing for careless mistakes. Due to globalization, Canadians can now buy cheap clothing, mostly manufactured in developing countries.

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However, buying cheap clothing does not mitigate the dire consequences of globalization to our local textile industry. Globalization has produced three significant negative effects on our Canadian economy: massive job losses; struggling local manufacturers with poor bottom lines; and poor export sales due to high costs of Canadian made goods. Firstly, the closing of our textile industries has created massive job loss with many workers now facing poor employment prospects: unemployment, casual, or part time work.

Moreover, of these 50, workers, only half have found full-time, permanent jobs. Bob Owens, CTWA representative, reported that many of these workers face long-term unemployment with little hope of retraining due to age, language, and education issues. Without jobs, a cheap sweater from China is meaningless.