Case study of a child with adhd

I walked out liking him better and feeling hopeful I could make changes in my life. This was the therapist that taught me about mindfulness meditation. Near the end of my four months working with him I even went to a one-week meditation retreat, excited by how much calmer and focussed the meditation made me. I continued the mindfulness meditation, and kept using what I had learned from the CBT process about questioning my thoughts before taking action.

It really helped with my impulsivity and I had a few good years after that. I had success as a film writer, and I managed three-year relationship.

But then my boyfriend cheated, and oh how I backslid! I decided to move country, and quit my film career out of the blue — talk about impulsive! I ended up back in therapy, trying psychodynamic psychotherapy this time. I started to overanalyse myself and my self-esteem , which people say therapy usually helps, got worse. It meant I could be more patient with myself, and focus on learning new ways of doing things that make living with ADHD easier.

An ADHD Case Study

As for telling my family, I avoided it for years. I have an older sister who is very cynical and always making fun of my ideas about myself. To my surprise , when I did tell her about my diagnosis, she said she had thought so, and that it was hardly a surprise given our father. My father is a good example that ADHD often has a genetic component. He never sits down, never finishes a conversation. Alongside all those moves he put us through, he also burned his way through about 20 jobs and is now on his fourth wife.

I never took medication in the end. Plus, I make sure I keep up a regular routine of exercise, eat healthy, and take things like fish oils, which I feel help. Sometimes I almost fool myself. Only as I feel that now, at 40, my life is not where I suspect it could have been.

ADHD Case Studies

I often wonder if I would have been a CEO or a very successful writer or actor if I had of taken that prescription to a pharmacy and continued to see that psychiatrist when I was 24, or had the wherewithal to seek another who was a bit friendlier. Of course being hard on oneself is another ADHD attribute, and when I remember that I try to shift my focus to see all I have achieved. Have a question about ADHD still? Want to share an experience? Use the comment box below.

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A Case Study for Adhd Students

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Related Posts What is the "Unconscious" Mind? Do You Have a Victim Personality? Recent evidence would also suggest that certain food additives e. A question often asked is why do food additives cause problems in some children but not other? The simple answer is that the central nervous system in children up to the teenage years is still growing and maturing and if this maturation process is slowed down or halted then that brain is going to be far more susceptible to additives than a brain that is healthily maturing.

Having taken away the food stuffs that are potentially harmful and added others that are essential e. So how can we help? Click here.

Case study (Tim) - part one

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All Rights Reserved. He loved his mother but was struggling to maintain a relationship with her. He hated his father and wanted nothing to do with him.

Diagnosis and Management of ADHD in Adults

With his grandparents he had a solid and positive relationship and he especially respected his grandfather. It was decided that David should be sent to an alternative school for children with learning disabilities.

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He was enrolled in individual counseling to improve his self-image. The nutritionist cut out his caffeine, reduced his sugar intake, and helped his mother plan and cook well-balanced meals. His mother began counseling with a CEPD Substance Abuse Counselor and Psychologist who helped her stop abusing drugs and alcohol, enhance her mothering skills and strenthen her role in the family. Perhaps most importantly, David began to use Neurofeedback which trained him to alter his brain functioning so that he daydreamed less and paid attention more through the use of special software and computer enhanced techniques which allowed him to monitor his progress in a videogame format.

After the third session he began to enjoy the sessions. By his tenth session his mother remarked that he was more attentive at home and less oppositional. After his fifteenth session he was helping with household chores. After his twentieth session he stopped wetting the bed. By his twenty-fifth session his grades and behavior in school had remarkabley improved.

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After forty sessions his attention span had increased from less than one minute to approximately forty-five minutes.